Ep 6. - Faith and FOMO with Derek Radney

April 2, 2018

In today's episode, I talk with Presbyterian minister Derek Radney about whether or not smart people can be religious, faith, and FOMO. 


Here are some resources mentioned in the episode:

Tim Keller's "Questioning Christianity" lectures:



"A Secular Age" by Charles Taylor:



And the following three books by Francis Schaeffer:

"He Is There and He Is Not Silent"

"Escape from Reason"

"The God Who Is There"



Ep. 5 - Overcoming Fear with Helen Tsim

March 7, 2018

Today's podcast is with Director of One Salon SF, Helen Tsim. We talk about overcoming social anxiety, vulnerability and its limits, building community and deep connections. 




Ep. 4 - The Holy Sea with Charlie Deist

February 12, 2018

My guest Charlie Deist runs the libertarian group blog Let a Thousand Nations Bloom. He's interested in seasteading and an adult convert to Roman Catholicism. We talk about seasteading as personal praxis, the experience of learning to sail, the philosophy of Rene Girard, and the conflict between grace and responsibility. Charlie is currently the producer of the libertarian radio program "The Bob Zadek Show"


Resources for today's show:

- A Thousand Nations blog

- The Philosophy of Rene Girard at the Internet Encyclopedia

- Getting Over It, a game by Bennet Foddy




Ep. 3 - PERMA-(sub)culture with Scott Jackisch

February 4, 2018

Scott Jackisch is the founder of the Oakland Futurists. You can find him online at http://oaklandfuturist.com/. We talk about the PERMA model of happiness, Ephemerisle, community and subculture. 


Here are some resources mentioned in today's show:


"Flourish" by Martin Seligman 

"Geeks, Mops, and Sociopaths in Subcultural Evolution" by David Chapman

"Against Edenism" by Peter Thiel

"Meditations on Moloch" by Scott Alexander


Ep. 2 - Poly-centrism, Community, and Utopia with Michael Gibson

April 16, 2017

I sit down with worldly philosopher Michael Gibson, founder of the 1517 fund. We talk about living the philosophical life, Nozick's vision of utopia, polycentrism, zen, and education. 


Here's a list of resources mentioned in today's podcast:

Blog Posts

- David Chapman on Robert Kegan's 5 stages of adult moral development

- Scott Alexander's Archipelago



- Anarchy, State, and Utopia by Robert Nozick

- Philosophical Explanations by Robert Nozick

- A Theory of Justice, John Rawls

- The Lever of Riches, Joel Mokyr 



Ep 1. Existential Crisis with Dane Johnson

July 10, 2016

In this episode I discuss existential crisis with guest Dane Johnson. Check out Dane's website at http://ramblewithaplan.com/